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1978   Prayer Card for John and Florence Lin, c.1978. Biographical information on reverse:

"Both John and Florence Lin were born in Mainland China, and moved to Taiwan in 1949 at the Communist takeover. John became a Christian while studying civil engineering at the University in Taiwan, and later saw his entire family turn to Christ from their Buddhist background. Florence met Christ through the ministry of a missionary after she had graduated from high school. She then joined the Navigators work at a university student center, where she and John met."

After their marriage in 1957, the Lins moved to Okinawa, where John was employed by a commercial construction company building missile sites for the U.S. Army. It was during that time that they became acquainted with FEBC, and John volunteered his time to help design their 100 kw station KSBU. The Lins later joined the FEBC staff as missionaries. Further details on their involvement in FEBC is at image #553.