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1986   Ralph Carmichael, Ralph Carmichael, He's Everything to Me (Word: ISBN 0-8499-0094-8, 1986). Autobiography. Chapter six details the relationship of FEBC founders and Carmichael in the very early days of both ministries/careers.

Reference to the "Call of the Orient" program (1947), p. 62-63: "In 1947, Bob Bowman and John Broger began producing a weekly radio program for the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). The program was called The Call of the Orient, and they asked me to write the music for it. It was an innovative format that included a missionary story underscored with orchestral bridges and cues. I'd never written a cue in my life, but I got together an oboe, a flute, a harp, and some strings and started to learn. We recorded each week out in Santa Monica at the Moody Institute of Science on their large sound-stage. One of the Moody staff members was in charge of recording. His name was Dick Ross, but that's another chapter..."
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