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1954   Under the auspices of New Tribes Missions (NTM), Byrd and Angie Brunemeier filled many needs of FEBC and other missions organizations during 35 years of service.

Dec 1949-Dec 1952Philippines Arrived December 4. Tower/antenna,
PM radio construction, transmitter assembly. Photo trip to India
Teacher for CRCM and Febias MK’s.
Dec 1952 - Sep 1956 Philippines Tribal work on Mindoro, Palawan, Luzon, Mindanao Raising 2 kids, often alone in the remote Mindoro location
Sep 1956 - Feb 1958PhilippinesPlanning & construction of Bocaue
station, which also involved trips to the USA, Okinawa, and Taipei
Teacher for CRCM and Febias MKs.
Feb 1958 - Jun 1959. Philippines Moved to Bocaue to help with antenna construction Home schooled children at Bocaue (Faith Academy began operations in 1957)
Jun 1959 - Dec 1961Philippines Helped to establish FEBC’s regional stations throughout the country. Taught at Faith Academy in Antipolo
Dec 1961 - May 1963USAFurlough, KGEI. 
May 1963 - Jan 1972 Philippines Set up communications networks for NTM, SIL, and MAF. Photo trip to Pakistan, India, VietNam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma, and Nepal.Faith Academy faculty
Jan 1972 - May 1972Seychelles Tower/ antenna construction at the FEBA station. 
May 1972 - Apr 1973USAFurlough  
Apr 1973 - Jun 1976 Philippines, Korea, USA HLDA, Cheju-do, KGEI, DWRF. Photo trips to Philippines regional stations. Faith Academy faculty
Jun 1976 - Jul 1983Saipan Helped find suitable locations for KSAI and KFBS facilities, through "many trials." 
27 July 1983Saipan Died by electrocution while working on KSAI transmitter. 
30 June 1984Saipan  Retired under NTM