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1975   The DWRF tuning house (David Hudson, design engineer, Paul Reynolds, site engineer). A third engineer, David Huntley, shown in the photo, provides the following information:

"The high-power medium wave station was built during the hot season of 1975 on the North Luzon West Coast at Iba. It was designed to reach East China and Vietnam on commonly sold cheap receivers which ordinary people could afford.

"At the centre of the transmitting site was the 'tuning house' from which lines radiated to the various towers. Each line needed 'tuning' to ensure maximum power-carrying capacity. Because tuning coils of that type are usually made-to order and are costly to import, we decided to manufacture our own from copper tube wound on tough plastic formers. These are the coils in the picture.

"The grey-and-white 'barrel shaped' objects are the capacitors which complement the tuning coils. All of this equipment is mounted on large sheets of plywood covered with sheet aluminium. A copper-tube power-line output to the aerials is seen top right, leading up through a special high-strength insulated window.

"The work was taxing in a hot humid atmosphere. We sweated profusely and drunk nearly a litre of water between meals as well as plenty with meals! Initially catering was monotonously squid, cooked by a technician's wife. Later engineer Dave Sheats and his family joined us and Mrs Sheats fortified us with excellent American cooking, including multi-egg full breakfasts!"