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1968   David Wong operates the controls in the 338 Jalan Minyak Singpore studio. Dr. David Huntley, then director, provides the following details: "This was the second studio after 99-B Tanglin Rd and before the one at 130-S Mt Sophia. This place was rented from the (govt.) Housing Board, it is built into a ground floor shophouse below a 10-floor block of lo-cost hi-rise flats, at the top of York Hill. The two dark panels behind David were the old Emicorder master recorders. The Console was the ubiquitous Gates Studioette. The box on the Studioette was valve-amplified peak programme meter. The turntable (right) is a Garrard. David's hand is on a Brenell tape-player. The match-stick figures below the window are adapted from Dale Golding's originals for teaching studio signals. The clock inside the control room is a mains-powered clock adapted to be a studio timer - hour-hand removed! The loudspeaker is a Philips 9710 - single coil double cone speaker, then an economical standard [if mounted in a specified cabinet] which gave an excellent sound." See also #1014.