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2007   Saipan Modulator Upgrade Project: February 9, 2007 (Day 26). Project completed! The morning hours today were spent in training on how to properly adjust and operate the transmitter with the new solid-state modulator. In the afternoon the "controlled-carrier" feature was put into operation.

In the original transmitter design an RF signal of 100,000 watts was generated regardless of the presence of audio program material. A huge amount of power was consumed to generate this signal called a “carrier” even during the pauses in speech. The “controlled carrier” feature suppresses the RF sign generated when there are pauses or silence. We are currently using 3db of carrier suppression. This means that when no audio is present the power output of the transmitter is 50,000 watts. With modulation, the power output varies between 50,000 and 100,000 watts following the audio variations. This means less power consumed and lower power bills.