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1947   John Broger's mid-1947 report - page 4.


his particular country, and the latter portion of his term in the field of his call reaping the harvest of the broadcasting ministry. Also while attending the NAE convention, the FEBC joined the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB). This organization represents the broadcasting division of the NAE. We feel that the unity and representation of Christian broadcasters will be greatly enhanced by this organization, and that our association in it will assist not only in the furtherance of this unity, but in our common aim to preach .the gospel in all the world, The NRB conducted a survey of various Christian broadcasts which had submitted audition platters. The "Call of the Orient" won the "Churchill Award" as the most outstanding program in novel technique. The winning of this award gave us further opportunity to present the FEBC and opened many outlets in various parts of the nation for the "Call of the Orient".

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(1) The Christ Ambassador "Speed the Light" campaign has designated the FEB. as one of the outlets in its program to spread the gospel by the fastest means possible to the ands of-the earth. The Christ Ambassadors have taken on as their first project the supplying of funds to build the first one kilowatt FEBC transmitter, Also the Christ’s Ambassadors Department in conjunction with the. Foreign Missions Department of Assemblies of God have assigned Mr. & Mrs, Kenneth Short to the staff of the FEB.. The experience of this couple in the Dutch East Indies, and their natural abilities will make theca a valuable asset to the FEBC staff.

(2) The Christian Couriers, a group of churches in Iowa, headed by Rev. W. J. Stevens, is ready to assign Mr. & Mrs. Frank Huston to the staff of the FEBC. Brother Euston for many years has been in the construction business as contractor and carpenter. At this waiting he is making application for his passports, and God willing will soon be enroute with his family to Manila.


The complete transcription equipment for the studio in Shanghai arrived safely with Dick Hillis of the China Inland Mission. By this time the studio is very likely set up and in operation. "Soundcasting" has continued in Shanghai under the directorship of Pastor Charles Chi and Niu Chang Teh. "Soundcasting" is simply the use of public address systems which give out the Word at various places of public congestion, such as street car stations and market places.

The Lord has opened the way for a broadcast each Sunday morning from eight to nine o’clock over the Ginling station,...[Continued in 1229]