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1947   John Broger mid-1947 report - page 3.


Mr. Handlos for many years has been connected in various radio engineering enterprises, and we praise God for his consecration to the work of the Lord,, and for his willingness to assist In this radio missionary work. Both Mr, Rowland and Mr. Handlos will be engineers on the stations in the Philippines.


At our last meeting of the Board, soon after my return from the Philippines and China,. I was able to inform: you of the miracle of God in supplying us with 12-1/2 acres of property just outside of the city limits of Manila. Mr. Arvid Veidmark, a former Chaplain in the United States Army who who was with me in the Philippines when negotiating with the government, consented upon his release from the army to go back to the Philippines with his wife and family to begin construction of missionary housing, broadcast studios, and transmitter buildings on the property. Mr. Veidmark and family arrived in Manila April 9, 1947, and already have taken the first steps in laying the plans for the necessary construction. They will be living in a Filipino house which was already located on the property. Mr. Robert Walton, a Christian business man located in Manila, is assisting in the construction of the station. Mr. and Mrs.. Kenneth Short, missionaries in Borneo, will be leaving immediately to join the Veidmarks in Manila. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huston and family may also be leaving for Manila soon to join the Veidmarks. The assignment of the Shorts and the Hustons to the FEBC staff will be explained a latter portion of the report.


It was our privilege to be invited to attend the NAE convention.on April 14th through the 17th at Omaha, Nebraska, Present the work of the FEBC at the "Missionary Highlights Hour" on the opening day of the convention. A few weeks previously we had joined the Evangelical Foreign Missions Association (EFMA), and it was at the invitation of Mr. Clyde Taylor that we were able to present the FEBC. The response by the various Foreign Mission Boards attending the convention were most gratifying. We had the opportunity of presenting the aims, policies, and desire of the FEBC to cooperate with the various evangelical Mission Boards, to almost every .board director personally. We are offering to the evangelical Foreign ,Mission Boards the opportunity of assign missionaries to the FEBC staff, who will retain their own mission board appointment, but in addition will be appointed by the FEBC as radio missionaries, They will be supported as under ordinary conditions by their boards, but will have the opportunity to enlarge their ministry by means of the FEBC stations. Generally it will be the policy that the missionary will spend approximately one half of his term at the FEBC station broadcasting in the language of his people to...[continued in 1228]