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1947   John Broger mid-1947 report - page 2.


have been interested in having a part in such a broadcast. As you may have noted in the April "Broadcaster" the "Call of the Orient" is being released over various stations in the United States and is either on sustained time or on regular Christian broadcasts which donate a part of their time to the "Call of the Orient". We are very thankful that. God has supplied us with such an able director of the FEBC orchestra as Mr. Ralph Carmichael. It is expected from present contacts that the "Call of the Orient" will be released over some 22 stations in various parts of the United States. It will be a weekly feature.


You may also have noticed in the April "Broadcaster" the introduction of "Mission Music". This organization is under direction of the FEBC and profits realized will provide a special fund for FEBC radio missionary transportation to and from the Orient. From time to time "Mission Music" will release a variety of Christian records in the nature of solos, duets,, instrumental music, etc., Further details may be noted in the April "Broadcaster.�


Mr. Clarence Moore, former Chief Engineer of HCJB in Quito, Ecuador, and at present Chief Engineer of International Radio and Electronic Corporation of Elkhart, Indiana, has been working an our transmitters since October 1946. The franchise from the Philippine government grants the FEBC permission to erect two 10,000 watt transmitters with frequency assignments of 680 kilocycles, 6030 kilocycles (49.75 meters), 9610 kilocycles (31�22 meters), 11,855 kilocycles (25.31 meters). At the present time the plans for the transmitters are such that each transmitter shall be band-switching in order to cover any one of the four frequencies. In addition a one kilowatt transmitter, which will be used also as a stand-by transmitter with gasoline powered generator, will have additional frequencies available on the amateur 20 meter, 40 meter, and 80 meter bands Also this one kilowatt transmitter may have a final stage which will make it possible to operate at 10 kilowatts. The second transmitter which will be built as a 10 kilowatt transmitter, we are hoping by the grace of God, to increase to 25 kilowatts. Since the first of February Mr. Richard Rowland, our first FEBC engineer has been with Mr. Boors in Elkhart assisting in the construction of the transmitters. Within the next few days of this writing, Mr. and Mrs Richard Handlos and their daughter will also be on their way to join Mr. Moore in Elkhart. [continued in 1227]