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1964   David Huntley, director of FEBA (FEBC) Singapore. The following background was provided by Dr. Huntley: "Outside our 2nd studio location at 338 Jalan Minyak, it is a housing board shop-house, ground floor, 3 rooms wide with the door on the extreme right. The door had just been painted (black writing on green) by William Tan, a local student who was good at this kind of thing...At that time Jalan Minyak was a very quiet hill-top spot with plenty of free parking. The date would have been early l965 as I was handing over to Dale Golding for my furlough. We had just moved to J.Minyak (rented S$300.month)) from 99-B Tanglin Road (rented S$400/month), then to our first "owned" site in l969 (about S$35,000)at 130-S Sophia Rd, not long before the 4-years lease at J.Minyak would have had to be renewed. Jalan Minyak was a good little studio and was soundproof even against the months of deafening piledriving for the hotels down the hill just behind." See also #1358.