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1972   KGEI 50kW transmitter. This historic transmitter was built by GE in 1939 and stayed operational with upgrades until FEBC closed the station in 1995. The unit was donated to SIM, Inc. to use in its radio ministry in Liberia (ELWA), but was destroyed after repeated attacks by rebel forces in a civil war. FEBC retained the ID plate for historic reasons, which can be seen on the panel to the left of the door (reproduced as a digital image in #199). Early pre-FEBC views of the transmitter from 1939 onward can be found in this archive. During WWII the station broadcast the American point of view to Asia as an ostensibly private voice, since U.S. law forbade official broadcasting. KGEI was effective in this role, and was in fact the precursor of V.O.A.