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1947   This unusual photograph depicts Shanghai street scene in 1947. The photograph measures only about 52mm square and bears no inscription on the back to indicate its significance to FEBC. However someone has written at the top, "ANT." with an arrow pointing to a mast on the roof of the large structure behind the shop fronts. A closer examination of the photograph showed that both the railing grillework on the rear top of the building and the penthouse structure were consistent with that in image #00079. When we examined #79, we noted antenna guy wires attached to the railing. We concluded that the building is the other side of the studio in which CCBS' (FEBC) broadcasts were recorded in 1947 in that city. We do not know how the antenna was utilized. In fact, the building is that of Grace Church (sign at left). The church was closed until the late 1970's, then reopened as a public church.