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1947   The Nanjing Tai Dong Seminary choir that provided FEBC with music for its broadcasts. The director David K. Shao (Shao Kuang) [See #408 and #151]] is in the rear (glasses). This photo appears in the April 1948 "Broadcaster" publication which includes a summary of CCBS activities in China. By the end of 1947 FEBC had 6 hours of broadcasts on XGOA, the government station, with local broadcasts in Shanghai and Nanking (Nanjing). We had just been granted time also on two SW frequencies. "XGOA" was the "Central Broadcasting Station." There was also an FEBC-sponsored broadcast on a "Ginling" station in Nanjing (XLAW), produced in cooperation with the Lutheran Mission, China Inland Mission (Today OMF), and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. FEBC was called CCBS, Chinese Christian Broadcasting System. Recording equipment provided by CIM, but mainly used by FEBC. The chorus in the photo was associated with the Tai-Tung [Tai Dong]Theological Seminary. Back of photo has a partially obliterated description:
"CCBS Ch[orus?]....
Center left......ow-kwan
All...are co[mmitted?]
Christians. " The "ow-kwan" is undoubtedly referring to David K. Shao (Shao-Kuang), the choir's director who appears, in fact, center left. (See also #408). "XLA-" is undoubtedly XLAW. The actual schedules were published in a 1948 calendar (#890).