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1959   The John and Florence Lin family portrait in about 1960. Children: Becky, Jim and Peter. John and Florence were pioneers for FEBC in the development, establishment, and operation of FEBC-Chinese operations in Okinawa, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA.

Record of Lins' ministry with FEBC:


1957-1959 John works as volunteer to help with structural design of KSBU, Okinawa.
1959 Lins join FEBC officially as missionaries.
1960 Hong Kong, serve as PR representatives in FEBC office there.
1960-1969 Okinawa: Maintenance engineer, business manager and eventually Executive Director.
1970-1974 Hong Kong Executive Director.
1976 Whittier/La Mirada. Help in development of Saipan operation.
1977-1987 Singapore: Executive Director.
1988-2001 USA: Founder and Executive Director of FEBC Chinese Ministries, USA.


1958-1960 Okinawa: Traffic clerk for KSAB program Dept.
1960 Hong Kong: Volunteer broadcaster.
1960-1969 Okinawa: Volunteer Chinese language broadcaster for KSBU.
1970-1972 Hong Kong: PR Director.
1973-1974 Hong Kong: Program Director.
1977-1987 Singapore: Program Director.
1988-2000 USA: Co-founder with John of US Chinese Ministries, Assistant Director.