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1959   Photo #14 - Photo Essay by Byrd Brunemeier June, 1959 -- Rev. Montejo, together with Mrs. Martin, examine a box containing 72 flashlight batteries, which power this PM Radio in the home of Pastor Roberto Martin. The original battery had gone flat months before, but given the isolation of this location and thus the impracticability of getting a new one from Manila, Pastor Martin would buy the D cells from the local store at 40 centavos each, a total cost of 29 pesos. Photographer Byrd Brunemeier himself an electronics engineer, noted that 60 batteries were in series to provide the 90 volts for the B, and 12 in parallel to provide the 1.5 volts for the A power supply, an ingenious solution. The 29 peso cost was approximately $15 - in 1959 a huge amount for this pastor, but demonstrating the crucial role FEBC's radio broadcasts played in his life.