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1959   Photo #19 - Photo Essay by Byrd Brunemeier June, 1959--Rev. Isabelo Montejo visits a PM Club home. Note the typical slatted floor. This is the home of Ubaldo Sable in barrio Buenavista, Santiago, Isabela Province. Mrs. Sable acquired the radio from FEBC in 1954. Since then, her husband and 40 families in the barrio had become believers and at the time of the photo were stockpiling materials to build a chapel. Their ultimate plans were to eventually hire a full time pastor.

One night a band of robbers invaded the barrio. The Sables were forced to lie on the floor while the robbers looked over what they could steal. Eyeing the radio, they clicked it on to see if it worked. It so happened a sermon was in progress, and they stopped to listen to it...all the way to the end. They then turned the radio off, thanked the family and left without further molestation..a courtesy not accorded many of their neighbors who were mauled by the band. --